Walerick Eisenblut


Walerick appears as a good looking, well built man of good stock, despite his ignoble birth. He has golden blonde hair, and watchful blue eyes. He is often seen wearing a rusted chainmail hauberk over, simple but well made clothing, and generally carries a sword.


Born the bastard son of Phillipe Von Croy, a Lord of Steier, a town in the Duchy of Bavaria. In his early life, he was patronised by his father, though not openly, thus allowing him access to a good education in the rudiments, as well as martial prowess. His skill with a sword, and strong sense of duty along with his father’s connections allowed him a position as a guard protecting iron ore shipments from the local mine. Over time, he worked his way to a position where he would one day lead the guard contingent of the mining operation. Upon the untimely death of his father, Walerick finds himself at the whims of his half brother Alexandr Von Croy. Alexandr often felt that Walerick was a thorn in his side, and upon becoming Lord, he swiftly sends Walerick off to a faraway land to meet Claudius Giovanni to act as his proxy.

Walerick Eisenblut

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